Super Bowl XLVIII winner, best-selling author, and international speaker Clint Gresham, spent six formative years in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.  Clint’s time in the high performance space with some of the greatest achievers alive, marked him with a passion for excellence and resilience, which he now imparts to individuals and teams around the globe.

After his time with the Seattle Seahawks, Clint wrote a book entitled “Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness.” The book teaches the principles of resiliency and success, to help anyone overcome their own challenging circumstances to become all they were created to be.

Clint is a highly sought after speaker who leads with vulnerability, honesty humor, and joy. He is caring and kind, empathetic and open.  Clint considers it the highest privilege to come and speak into the dreams and aspirations of his clients, and considers each one like family.

He is passionate about the overlooked, unseen, and unheard. He fights for the little guy. He believes everyone has courage within to confront the fears and lies which keep so many in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction.

Clint and his bride Matti live in Dallas TX with their German Shorthair Pointer Bear.