Clint Gresham spent six formative years in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. His time in the high-performance space with some of the worlds top competitors marked him with a passion for excellence and resilience, which he now imparts to individuals and teams around the world.

After his time with the Seattle Seahawks, Clint wrote a book entitled “Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness.” The word “Becoming,” is both an adjective and a verb.  We are all becoming something, and to be becoming, is to be attractive.  Teaching on lessons of identity and grit through Clint’s transformational journey, the book serves as a roadmap to help individuals and teams like who they are, when they haven’t become who they want to be.

Clint is a highly sought-after speaker who leads with vulnerability and humor and considers it a privilege to speak into the vision and aspirations of his clients.

Clint, and his bride, Matti live in Dallas TX with their daughter Zoe, and German Shorthair Pointer, Bear.