When I was in in the fourth grade, I went to a camp called T-Bar-M.  Like most kids, I went because all of my friends were going, and probably also because my parents needed a break from this highly hyper active youngster.  There was a kid there who was  similar to me in a lot of ways.  I think because of that, a rivalry ensued.  It’s funny how when you are confronted with yourself, your insecurities can get the best of you.  One day I challenged this kid to a race.   At camp, we would meet in the same place every morning.  It had about 15 rows of thick logs for benches for all us.  I told this kid we would run along the top of the logs, thus discovering once and for all, who the alpha pre-teen was. The whistle blew, and we took off.  About eight rows in, I looked back and realized that my adversary was jumping in between the rows, as opposed to on them, like we agreed.  In a split second, while I was focusing on what was behind me, I missed my footing and tumbled down smacking my face on a massive piece of timber inducing a minor concussion, a huge gash, and a battered ego.  He ran passed me laughing in a demented joker sort of way.  I was humiliated.

What I realized was that no matter what life brings us, to stay fixed in the past, instead of looking forward, will always lead to our down fall.  Even at a young age, I realized that painful truth, that if I wanted to be a man of impact, It would require having a short memory and always looking to whats next.  It was this same truth that helped me navigate the brokenness of adolescence, the highs and lows of college and professional football, and the lofty dreams of a man who wouldn’t quit in the face of adversity.  My desire, is to impart to others the lessons that I have learned through life, football, family, and faith, and help you become a person of impact.  You were created with an incredible and specific purpose and it’s my most sincere longing to help you achieve it.

Quick Rundown Of Who I Am:

  • Life lover
  • Former punk band drummer
  • Recovering perfectionist
  • Breakfast burritos are my love language
  • ENFJ
  • TCU Horned Frog
  • Have made Will Ferrell laugh
  • Was baptized in the Jordan river in Israel
  • I love Jesus
  • Love to walk alongside people as they pursue their calling
  • Six year NFL Veteran
  • Younglife leader
  • Dad to a German Shorthaired Pointer named Bear
  • Advocate for the hurting