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“Clint Gresham is an amazing man. When he spoke at our church, our congregation was forever marked by his message.”



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“Clint has been had a powerful impact on the members of Christian Faith Center. Clint is always professional and personable. He brings a message that is inspiring and practical to every one in attendance. We believe in Clint’s calling and ministry to lead and influence people. You will be impressed with His communication and inspirational impact on all he touches.”

Casey Treat Founder & Lead Pastor – Christian Faith Center

“Clint is the real deal. His mixture of humor, faith, and teaching is sure to capture any audience. And as his friend I can say how he is on stage is how he is off stage, and that’s what’s truly important.”

Jeff Bethke Author, Speaker, Youtuber

“Rarely have I met someone as authentic, encouraging, and gifted as Clint Gresham. He is a leader with a deep passion for God and for revealing His heart to people. Clint is a gifted communicator who is engaging and anointed, but the authority on his life comes from not just sharing theory but being in the trenches of seeing lives changed. Add to that his success in professional sports and Clint is a powerful and effective speaker and trainer.”

Banning Liebscher Founder and Director – Jesus Culture

Get Equipped

Through his own transformational journey, Clint knows how to walk in wholeness and confidence, and is passionate about getting other people there too.  Clint’s engaging storytelling helps people take control of their life, and achieve the change they are hungry for.

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