“The Process to Wholeness”

Clint defines “Wholeness” as “giving up hope for a better past, relinquishing control for a perfect future, and choosing joy and courage right where your feet are.”  With his engaging and biblically sound storytelling,  Clint’s Sunday morning content focuses on the principles of identity and grit, which were solidified in him during his career in the NFL, playing alongside some of the greatest competitors alive.

This humorous and direct message will activate your audience to discover

  1. How to de-throne the “false fathers” they’re clinging to for significance.
  2. Where they are tolerating “giants” of ignored grief, crippling codependency, and alluring isolation.
  3. Recognize how to re-engage with God and His people.

Clint’s message will inspire your audience to “like who they are” when they haven’t become “who they want to be.”

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“Clint Gresham is an amazing communicator that comes with hope, humor and liberating truth. His stories and message will have you laughing, and crying at the beautiful journey and story of God in each of our lives.”

Tom Crandall | Youth Pastor Bethel Church

Redding, CA

Youth Camp and Men’s Retreats

“A Tale of Two Roads”

Luke 24 and Acts 9 share two separate accounts of individuals who encountered Christ along a road.  On the road to Emmaus, the people Jesus encountered were followers of Jesus but did not recognize Him.  On the road to Damascus, Saul (soon to become Paul), was not a follower of Jesus but recognized Him almost immediately.

All of us, are journeying on a road of our own.  Like the stories above, the group you are bringing is filled with individuals at different places along that road.  Some may be followers of Jesus who simply need a fresh personal encounter.  Others may have no interest in Jesus, but with one encounter, completely change their eternal trajectory.

Clint’s Four-night sequence of messages, covering God’s love, perspective, sacrifice, and our response, will engage any audience at any part of their journey.

Your group will have a theologically sound and inspiring speaker, who not only communicates from the platform with authority but has also “earned the right to be heard” by engaging with group members throughout the day.

Clint will introduce your group to God’s tangible love…not only from the stage, but from his life-on-life intentionality, and deep love for the next generation.

*Additional workshops available*

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“Clint spoke at our student summer camp last summer. I was impressed with the depth of his content. Clint shared about the grace, love, and goodness of Jesus in a way that was engaging, funny, and very impactful to our youth.  The amount of time during the week off the stage building relationships in the pool, field, and the sports court meant so much to our students.”

Taylor Ford | High School Director Calvary Community Church


“The Four Pillars of Wholeness”

When we say yes to God, why is it we often still have struggles?  Implementing the timeless principles of God’s word, coupled with entertaining and moving personal anecdotes from professional football and life, Clint walks alongside audiences to help them integrate proven strategies to becoming “Whole.”

“Mental Health:  The Churches modern day leprosy?”

We are in an epidemic with massive generational ramifications.  Mental illness has skyrocketed exponentially over the last 40 years robbing people of the life more abundant Jesus spoke of.  Speaking on his own battles through mental illness and addiction, Clint will

  • Demystify the highly misunderstood concept of Mental Illness
  • Equip God’s people in understanding how brain science and scripture co-exist in these last days.

Clint will bring a fresh perspective tightly aligned with your conference vision, and equip your attendees in their path to “Wholeness.”

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“Clint is phenomenal. You can put him in a room full of kids and he’ll keep their attention until he’s made his last point… You can also put him in a room full of CEOs, Senior Pastors and Type “A” personalities and he’ll have them rolling in laughter one moment and motivated to tackle the next task. He’s phenomenal in corporate settings as well as non-profit church settings.

I’ve had the privilege of bringing Clint into multiple large events that I oversee and every time I do, I’m amazed by his message.”

-James Lee | Men’s Pastor Gateway Church

Southlake, TX

Secular Value-Driven Clients

Universities * Middle & High School * Athletic Programs * After School Programs * Non-Profits  

“Face the Storm”

Are you a bison or a cow?  That answer is important. When a storm comes, these animals have very different reactions. Cows run away from the storms.  And by doing so, end up spending more time in them.  On the other hand, a bison will go towards them.  Spending considerably less time in them. Storms will come in our life.  But we get to choose how we will respond to them!  By owning our story, we will develop the courage we need to confront the storms in our life. Who we want to be is always on the other side of the thing we least want to address.  In a world full of cows, be a bison who chooses courage over cowardice!

This presentation will inspire your audience to face their fears and become the people they want to be.

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“Clint delivered an inspirational message to graduating college seniors. Several students said he was the best speaker they had heard in their four years of college at TCU.”

-Neeley School of Business Marketing Professor

Young Life

“Y the L Not!”

As a volunteer Young Life leader, both during his time with the Seattle Seahawks, and after, Clint understands how to communicate the DNA of YL to your banquet attendees in an inspiring and hilarious way.

Through “pre-talk” contact work, Clint will “earn the right to be heard” by your audience, and communicate why YL is worth supporting in your area.

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“You can’t do better than Clint Gresham for your Young Life Banquet! He captures the room, is a fantastic storyteller and has a great way of inviting others to join in the work God is doing through Young Life in your community. How can anyone be so effective? It’s simple: Clint is a Young Life leader! Because he has walked on campuses, been to camp, and cried and prayed for, and with, the very kids we seek to share Jesus with.  He knows just how vital this work is. Simply put, he tells our story so well because it’s his story too….He was indeed Made for this work!”

Steve Blacksmith | Regional Director
Young Life | North Puget Sound Region



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